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Chain Saw, Power Head Only,Concrete Cut,Stanley

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The DS11 Diamond Chain Saw is specifically designed to cut solid concrete underwater. Cuts square corners without over-cut and can plunge cut sea walls up to 18" thick. Two available bar lengths (15" and 18") and two different chains depending on the amount of rebar and hardness of the concrete. A minimum of 20 PSI water pressure is required at the saw for cooling and lubrication of the bar and chain. Painted hi-visibility yellow.

DS115000 Specifications
Cut Capacity: 15 or 18" (38 or 45 cm) Bar
Chain Type: Diamond Impregnated Chain Segments
Circuit Type: Open Center
Flow Range: 12 gpm (45 lpm)
Working Pressure: 1000-2000 psi (70-140 bar)
Full Relief Setting: 2250 psi (155 bar)
Weight (less bar/chain): 28 lb (12.7 kg)
Length (with bar/chain): 37 or 40" (99 or 101.6cm)
Width: 9" (23cm)
Couplers: Yes
Hose Whips: No (see Accessories)
Lubrication/Cooling: Internal Water Channels in Bar

DS115000 Features
Direct drive motor - no chain coast when trigger is released
Integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor for durability and power
Trigger activated water to bar and chain for lubrication
Multi position trigger handle and Wall Walker reduces diver fatigue
Heavy duty cast aluminum
Cut steel reinforced concrete with Pinnacle chain
Stainless Steel spool and fasteners
Interlocking safety trigger and hand guard
Pinnacle Chain: For Steel Reinforced, Heavy Aggregate Concrete
Ultra Chain - For Light Wire Mesh, Soft/Green Concrete
Order bar and chain separately

DS115000 Accessories
30305: 15" Bar, Sprocket Nose
56801: 15" Diamond Chain, Ultra 32
56803: 15" Diamond Chain, Pinnacle, 32
30306: 18" Bar, Sprocket Nose
56802: 18" Diamond Chain, Ultra 37
58632: 18" Diamond Chain, Pinnacle, 37
03971: Flush-Face Coupling Set, 3/8" NPT
03974: Flush-Face Coupling Set, 1/2" NPT
06830: Hose Whip 18" long, -8 SAE x 1/2" NPT
23517: Sprocket Wrench
31848: Dual Hose, 50' x 1/2", with couplers
31972: Dual Hose, 25' x 1/2", with couplers
58633: Twinned Hose, 25' x 1/2", with couplers
58634: Twinned Hose, 50' x 1/2", with couplers
20859: Diamond Chain Butterfly Repair Kit
20857: Chain Repair Spinner
20858: Chain Repair Breaker
DCP30101: Water Pump, 12 VDC, Battery Clip
DCP30100: Water Pump, 12 VDC, Marine Type Plug
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