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Chain Saw, 20" Bar/Chain,Underwater,Hydraulic

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The CS06 is a hydraulic powered chain saw for cutting all types of wood structures underwater - including bridge pilings, pier and dock timbers. It's compact design and high torque gear motor provides divers instant chain speed to cut through the toughest timbers with ease. The power to weight ratio is significantly higher than any other wood cutting chain saw and is available with bar lengths up to 20" (51 cm). Painted hi-visibility yellow.

CS06930 Specifications
Cut Capacity: 20" (51cm) Square Drive
Chain Drive: Standard Floating Rim Sprocket & Wear Plates
Chain Type: 0.325" Pitch
Flow Range: 7-9 gpm (26-34 lpm)
Optimum Flow: 8 gpm (30 lpm)
Working Pressure: 1500-2000 psi (105-140 bar)
Full Relief Setting: 2250 psi (155 bar)
Motor Speed @ 8 gmp: 8540 rpm
Chain Speed @ 8 gpm: 3238' per min (16.45 meters per sec)
Weight (less bar/chain): 7.3 lb (3.3 kg)
Length (less bar/chain): 14" (36cm)
Width: 9" (23cm)
Hydraulic Ports: -8 SAE o-ring
Connection Size and Type: 3/8" male pipe adapter
Couplers: No (see Accessories)
Hose Whips: No (see Accessories)

CS06920 Features
Integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor produces high torque
Direct drive motor - no chain coast when trigger is released
Stainless Steel spools and fasteners
Interlocking safety trigger and hand guard
Low kick back bar and chain - standard
Open Center/Closed Center-Dual Spool Feature
Large assist handle
Adjustable chain oiler
Bucking cleat
Wide flow range

CS06920 Accessories
03971: Flush-Face Coupling Set, 3/8" NPT
03974: Flush-Face Coupling Set, 1/2" NPT
06830: Hose Whip 18" long, -8 SAE x 1/2" NPT
07639: 20" Saw Bar
07642: 20" Saw Chain
11464: Scrench (combination screwdriver-bar nut wrenc
31848: Dual Hose, 50' x 1/2", with couplers
31972: Dual Hose, 25' x 1/2", with couplers
58633: Twinned Hose, 25' x 1/2", with couplers
58634: Twinned Hose, 50' x 1/2", with couplers
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