Purafil II Chemisorbant Media, 50# Pail

Purafil II Chemisorbant Media, 50# Pail

Sofnolime, CD Grade,Indicating,W2050P52H12,37#

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Diving grade Sofnolime absorbs carbon dioxide ensuring a breathable atmosphere is maintained. It is optimized for the removal of carbon dioxide from recirculated air/nitrox/heliox in rebreathers and saturation dive systems, commercial and leisure diving rebreathers, dive chamber/bell scrubbers/gas reclaim systems and dive gas conditioning units.

SOFNOLIME Properties
High intrinsic carbon dioxide capacity
Available with white to violet indicator
Irregular shaped/sized granules for optimum packing
High attrition resistance (low dust formation)

Sofnolime removes carbon dioxide (and other acidic contaminants) from gas streams via an exothermic, water facilitated, base catalyzed chemical reaction. Sofnolime contains a carefully controlled level of water which aids the reaction. Water is also formed as a by-product of the reaction.
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