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Rope, 1/2" O.D., Poly Film Yellow,600' Spool

Rope, 3/8" O.D., Poly Monofilament,Yellow

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MONOROPE is a made from a strong monofilament polypropylene fiber that ties easily, holds a knot well, floats in water and will not absorb water. It possesses twice the strength of manila rope and minimal stretch. MONOROPE comes in reels of 3,600' (1,097 m) that we can also cut to shorter lengths for your specific need. The physical properties of this rope make it ideal as one of the members of a diving umbilical.

MONOROPE Specifications
Description Polypropylene Rope
Diameter: 3/8" (9.5 mm)
Material: Propylene, yellow
Strands: 3
Tensile Strength: 2430 lb (1061 kg)
Weight: 0.028 lb/foot (42 g/m); positive buoyancy in water
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