Filtration System, 3 Stage,Plumbed,No Frame

Filtration System, 3 Stage,Plumbed,No Frame

Filtration System, 2 Stage,S/S,Plumbed,No Frame

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Divers Supply's 1000 NO FRAME two-stage filtration system is composed of a coalescing filter followed by a charcoal filter. The coalescing filter (cotton cord wound) removes particulates down to 5 microns and facilitates removal of oil and water from the air supply. The charcoal filter removes tastes and smells from the delivered air.

The filter canisters are stainless steel with brass heads and have manual drains controlled with mini chrome ball valves. This unit is designed without a frame for easy mounting.

Need a 2-stage filtration system with the frame? See part number 1000. Want 3-stage filtration? See part numbers 1250 and 1250 NO FRAME.

1000 NO FRAME Specifications
Inlet: #10 JIC male
Outlets: #10 JIC male
Pressure Guage: 0-300 PSI
Plumbing: Brass
Canisters: Stainless Steel (Part Number SS1HA-U)
Coalescing Filter Element: RWS-5
Charcoal Filter Element: AP117DS
Dimensions: 16"L x 7"W x 20"H (41cm x 18cm x 51cm)
Weight: 16 lb (7.3 kg)
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