Air Control Box, 2 Diver,2HP/2LP,1Reg,FSW/MSW,D&Y

Air Control Box, 2 Diver,2HP/2LP,1Reg,FSW/MSW,D&Y

Air Control Box, 2 Diver,2HP/2LP,1 Reg.,Whips,FSW

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The High Pressure Two Diver Air Control Box (TDACBHP17) controls the diver's air supply from low and high pressure sources and allows monitoring of the diver's depth. It is composed of materials designed to resist offshore/saltwater environments. The case is made out of high-impact plastic and is water tight when closed and locked. A stainless steel faceplate resists corrosion and houses two 0.50% accuracy pneumo gauges which are plumbed with pneumatic nylon tubing. The high pressure portion of the air manifold is made using stainless steel and the low pressure portion is made of brass for rugged, reliable use in the field. The TDACBHP17 is also available in a dual scale version (TDACBHP18).

Water resistant case
Stainless steel faceplate with screen printed labels
6" pneumo gauges pressurized with individual needle valves and protected against overpressurization
Two stainless steel QD connection inlets for high pressure air supply
Two 48" long high pressure air supply whips
#10 JIC and one O2 connection inlets for primary and secondary low pressure air supplies
O2 connection outlets for umbilical connections

  Stainless steel with screen printed labels
Pneumo Gauges
  6" face
  0-225 FSW range
  1' increments
  0.50% accuracy
  1/4” NPT male connection
  Brass internals
  Six month factory certification
High Pressure Manifold
  5000 PSI stainless steel fittings
  Check valve rated to 6000 PSI
  Regulator rated to 6000 PSI
Low Pressure Manifold
  1000 PSI brass fittings
  1/2” ball valves rated to 600 PSI
  Check valves rated to 800 PSI
Pressure Gauges
  2.5" face
  0-300 PSI range
  Stainless steel case
  Brass internals
Pneumo Supply
  300 PSI rated hose
  Brass reusable fittings
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