Hot Water Suit, Aquatherm, Med, Large

Hot Water Suit, Aquatherm, Med, Large

Hot Water Suit, Aquatherm, Large Tall

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The Aquatherm hot water suit is the most technically advanced commercial diving suit available within the subsea market.

The suit is made from 2.5mm pre-compressed, shrink resistant neoprene and is externally laminated with a tough triple thread nylon and resin impregnated for quick drying and increased durability.

The Aquatherm’s patent pending valve has been uniquely designed by O’Three. It is re-usable, quick to fit and easy to maintain. As part of the system the valve helps deliver a flow rate of up to 11.9 GPM (45 LPM).

The innovative construction method has achieved flexibility not seen in any other hot-water suit. This free moving channel system makes maintenance/replacement easy.

This proven combination of Shrink resistant neoprene, engineered re-usable valve and continuous loop system, provide a balanced delivery of hot water, at flow rates of up to 11.9 GPM (45 LPM).

Hot Water Suit Features:
Neck comfort
Moulded knee and shoulder pads
Off-set zip
Detachable/reusable hot water inlet valve
Wrist/ankle velcro mounts
2x Reinforced cargo pockets
Ergonomically shaped at the arms and legs
Glued and blind stitched
Internally reinforced and sealed seams
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