Grinder, Hydraulic,5/8

Grinder, Hydraulic,5/8"-11 Abor,9",2000PSI,4-12GPM

Grinder, Hydraulic,5/8"- 11 Arbor,9",BROCUDA

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The new Brocuda Hydraulic Tool from Broco Underwater can be used for grinding, polishing, drilling and cleaning in underwater applications with the use of a variety of wheels, brushes and other attachments.

Applications include construction, cleaning of ship hulls and propellers, underwater cutting, salvage, demolition, welding preparation, and cold cutting concrete and steel with the Broco Diamond saw blade.

The Broco Brocuda Hydraulic Tool can be used with grinding wheels, hull scrubbing brushes, wire and nylon brushes and barnacle busters from a variety of manufacturers because of the common spindle size.

Accessories are available, including the Broco 9" Diamond saw blade, core drill, barnacle buster and polishing pads.

BHT-2000 Features:
Can be used both topside and underwater
Standard 5/8"-11 threaded spindle
High torque producing Hybel gear motor
Aluminum body
Ergonomically designed handle for diver comfort
High visibility blue paint
Limited six month manufacturer's warranty

BHT-2000 Specifications:
Spindle: 5/8"-11 threaded
Weight: 9lb (4.1kg)
Weight with Whips & Guard: 15lb (6.8kg)
Length: 12" (30.5cm)
Width with Wheel Guard: 6.5" (16.5cm)
Pressure: 1000-2000 PSI (70-140 Bar)
Flow: 7-10 GPM (26-36 LPM)
Max RPM: 4000 RPM @ 10 GPM (36 LPM)
Porting Size: 3/8" BSP
Connector: 3/8" BSP adapters
Hose Whips Connections: 1/2" BSP
Quick Disconnect: 1/2" NPT
Motor: Integral Hybel gear motor
Torque at 1000 PSI: 7.6 N-m (5.6 ft-lb)
Torque at 2000 PSI: 15.2 N-m (11.21 ft-lb)
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