Lift Bag, Enclosed Pillow,1,100#/500kgs,Shal/Water

Lift Bag, Enclosed Pillow,1,100#/500kgs,Shal/Water

Lift Bag, Enclosed Pillow 1,100#/500kgs

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Subsalve is the worldwide leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of engineered inflatables. It is the only major lift bag brand that offers polyurethane-coated fabrics in all of our products. They use high-strength synthetic base fabrics including nylon, polyester and Kevlar coated with urethane and urethane blends. The result? These lift bags are more puncture-, abrasion-, and chemical-resistant than other conventional inflatables. This allows for a longer service life with less maintenance required. All Subsalve products are designed to perform in harsh and hostile environments. With their exclusive polyurethane coatings, you can count on them to get the job done like no other inflatable.

When you need to float an object close to the surface, use Subsalve’s “pillow” shaped Enclosed Flotation Bags in any position—upright or flat, outside or inside of structures—for vessel salvage, auto recovery, pipeline and cable installation and emergency flotation for ships, aircraft, submersibles and ROVs.
EFB-1000 Specifications
Lift Capacity: 1100 lb (500 kg)
Height: 44" (1.13 m)
Length: 51" (1.31 m)
Package Cube Dimensions: 18" x 13" x 10" (46cm x 33cm x 26cm)
Weight: 32 lb (14.5 kg)
Attachment Points: 2 top, 1 bottom

Configure a multitude of rigging combinations.
Use with a single pick point (shackle supplied on the bottom of the bag).
Invert to use the multiple stainless steel rings on the top of the bag.

Urethane-coated nylon—high-strength and heavy-duty
Superior abrasion resistance
Resistant to most petro-chemicals
Low maintenance requirements and easy to clean
RF welded seams

Lifting Harness
Heavy nylon lift harness built into the body of the lift bag
Safe working ratio of 6:1

Safe and Easy to Use
Equipped with all necessary hardware—ready for immediate use
3/4? NPT inflation/deflation port equipped with ball valve
Stainless steel quick disconnect for inflation
Pressure relief valves: set to release at 2.5 psi above ambient pressure
Enough pressure relief vales are installed in each bag to allow expanding to vent should a free ascent occur.

Each SUBSALVE USA lift bag is tested prior to shipping
All Subsalve USA products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Department of Defense Standards.
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