About Us

Divers Supply, Inc. is a commercial diving equipment supply house which has become a leading source of diving supplies not only in the Gulf of Mexico, but worldwide. With 20 employees, we have been in business for over 29 years and are located in the New Orleans area which is well suited for international sales support, particularly to the Central and South American markets.

The staff which is derived from the commercial diving community has over 100 years of combined diving and or diving equipment knowledge and experience. This includes planning, design, organizing, mobilizing, fabricating, as well as sales and service. We have experience in every phase of diving from masks, fins and snorkels to complete 1500 FSW SAT systems involving helium gas reclaim. Our technical expertise is, and has been for the industry, a great resource.

Our Products

Along with developing our own line of equipment ranging from radios, air-control boxes, dive umbilicals, decompression chambers, etc; we also represent the majority of diving equipment manufacturers ie. Silvan Tank, Quincy Compressor, DV Systems, Aqualung, Bauer, Birns, Sherwood, Diving Unlimited, Gates, Ikelight, Ocean Technology Systems, Outland Technology, Pelican, Underwater Kinetics, SeaCon, SubSalve, Miko, Amron, Avox, Viking and we are the largest distributor worldwide in the diving community for Kirby Morgan Diving Systems, Broco and Sodasorb.